Lauren Gardner, LCMHC, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy, couples therapy, LGBTQ, therapy, jungian, mental health, Internal family systems, anxiety, depression, trauma.

Services Offered

Individual Psychotherapy

There is something unique about the therapeutic relationship.  Many people consider psychotherapy, but hesitate to take the first step. You might think, How can I move on in life when I feel so overwhelmed? Will this person actually understand my suffering? Am I worth being cared about? Will these feelings ever change? These are definitely frightening thoughts! Often it's easier to move past them in the presence of a compassionate, empathetic person. Therapy can help you develop a new and broader sense of yourself, your life, and your future.  Individual therapy may include work with dreams or artwork, depending on your personal needs and inclinations.

In addition to depression, anxiety, and trauma, here are a few unique types of struggles that I am particularly good at helping with.

    • Midlife or quarter-life career changes

    • Gender and relationships

    • Moving on after divorce or major break-up

    • Social anxiety in particular situations

Couples’ Counseling

I provide counseling for all types of couples, including LBGTQ couples and those in nontraditional relationships. Premarital counseling is also available.  I am sex-positive, kink-aware, and sensitive to the issues faced by individuals living outside the mainstream values and expectations.

Therapy Groups

New therapy groups including depression groups, anxiety groups, and interpersonal process groups, will be starting Summer 2021!  For more information, please visit my profile on Carolinas Group Psychotherapy Society, or contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Photo: Briana Woods, Umstead Park, Raleigh NC

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